Stompbox: Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter (rehoused)

The Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter pedal is an envelope follower (sometimes called a touch wah) which alters the sweep of the EQ based on the dynamics of the note. I imagine they are hard to come by these days.  I think I’ve had mine for twenty yearsat this point.

In the usual mode setting, it sounds most trebly when the sound is loudest and then sweeps towards the bass as the note decays, yeilding a wah type of sound for each note that is played.

Jerry Garcia used this type of pedal quite often back in the day in songs like Estimated Prophet and Shakedown Street.

Do you have a favorite envelope follower pedal? Tell me about it in the comments!

One thought on “Stompbox: Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter (rehoused)

  1. i LOVE envelope filter! my fav effect by far, and i only use it for maybe 1/10 of the time, but i much prefer it to a standard wah pedal! i would rather just pick harder for it to sweep up, then learn a whole new skill with my foot, but to each their own no doubt! MY PERSONAL fav = vintage MXR Envelope Filter! Those old 70s two knob deals, where the controls are so reactive to one another that the slightest bump on either one can have a drastic tonal change, but at the same time its just mellow enough (not TOO quack, but gosh i love my old BIG Qtron!) for any style of music where a nice filter tone is wanted! i even own a few of the original NOS pcb's from the MXR factory in Rochester, NY! They are SWEET!!! not to mention how they sound and how easy they are to put together!

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