Stompbox: KR Musical Products Megavibe

The Univox Univibe sound is usually associated with Jimi Hendrix who began using it regularly in the second half of his career. It’s a type of phase shifter that was originally invented to imitate the doppler shift sound of a leslie rotating speaker.

The KR Musical Products Megavibe pedal is one of the best clones of the original that I’ve heard. It has a jack on the side that you can use with a footpedal to control the speed and two settings, chorus (the classic watery sound) and vibrato (pitch shift).

The univibe effect is one of my favorite sounds. I like to place it before distortion pedals otherwise I can sound to wishy or fizzy. My fuzzface pedals however like to be connected directly to the guitar pickup with nothing in between and loose some bass response when this pedal intervenes. I found this cool schematic for simulating a guitar pickup in a signal chain to deal with this and added that mod to this pedal with a bypass switch on the side. It doesn’t solve the problem completely but it does help and makes the sound more “chewy” when I have the fuzz engaged.

Update: The Megavibe does one thing and does it extremely well, but after purchasing a FoxRox Aquavibe pedal, I fell in love and decided to keep that and sell the Megavibe.  The Aquavibe seemed to work much better with my fuzzface (better buffering?) and the range of sounds it can produce is much greater due to the “center” control.  With the Aquavibe, I can get the classic Univibe sound plus a whole lot more.

Have a favorite vibe pedal?  Tell me about it in the comments?

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