Stompbox: Fulltone ’69 Pedal

The Fulltone ’69 Pedal is the classic Fuzzface pedal with germanium transistors that Jimi Hendrix used on first album are you experienced and the incredible US debut of the Jimi Hendrix Experience at Monterey Pop in 1967 (see Rock Me Baby).

I really like that the contour and bias controls are ‘on the outside’instead hidden inside as trim pots. It really helps in dialing in the best sound. Germanium transistors are very temperature sensitive (better fuzz when cold) and I sometimes need to tweak those controls depending on how cold the pedal is.

The fuzz sound of germanium transistors is very warm and full – especially compared to silicon transistors like the ones used in the fulltone ’70 pedal. That pedal can be a lot more harsh and “spitty” but both are great sounds and I switch back and forth between the two types of fuzzface pedals depending on the song I’m playing and my mood at the moment. 8)

Have a favorite fuzzface pedal?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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