Stompbox: Fulltone ’70 Pedal

A nice sounding silicon fuzz would have to be my “Desert Island Pedal” and the Fulltone ’70 pedal is one of the best. I’ve had this one for a long time and it has that spitty nasty fuzz sound that I keep coming back to.

The Mids control is a nice addition to the standard fuzzface circuit. Jimi Hendrix switched from germanium to silicon fuzzfaces toward the end of 1969 in all of his live shows and never went back. His use of it on the Band of Gypsys album exemplifies the sound of this pedal.

I love the way that this pedal, when pushed, it can sound like it’s almost on the verge of complete chaos. It’s also a great pedal for playing with feedback.

Update: I purchased a Dunlop JH-F1 fuzzface pedal and rehoused it a regular sized box so I could fit it on my pedal board.  Although the two pedals were very close in sound to one and other, I decided that the JH-F1 had the edge and so I sold the ’70 pedal and never looked back.

One problem I had with both pedals was that when my guitar volume was turned all the way up, the sound was “woofy” and undefined.  Rolling the volume back to 8 on my guitar, cleaned that right up.  I did a mod inside the pedal with a passive voltage divider circuit (with a trimpot and resistor) and I was able to tweak the trimpot to fix that problem sothe pedal sounds great no matter how I have my guitar’s volume control set.

Have a favorite silicon fuzz?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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