Google Music App: Unable to download songs at this time…

A few weeks ago, I started having problems with the Google Music App on my Android phone (HTC Thunderbolt running Cyanogen Mod 7). Every time I tried to download (‘pin’) songs that I had uploaded to google music in the cloud, I kept getting this message:

unable to download songs at this time, please check your internet connection

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong since it happened when I was connected on both Wifi and 3G/4G and no other apps were having connection problems. ¬†I googled the error message and found very few posts about it so I guess not too many people were getting this error.

After days of trying to troubleshoot this problem, while a song was playing, I impulsively clicked on “make this song available offline” and I suddenly got a message saying that my SD card was full. There were 2GB still free on my 16GB card but google music was not willing to use that last bit up, I guess. I cleared some space off the SD drive and the downloading from google music started working again.

I just wanted to post this in case someone out there runs into the same bogus message from the google music app.  Clearing some space on your SD card may solve your problem.

I also unchecked the box that said “stream music in the highest quality” which seems to have helped me fit more music on my phone and with no obvious deterioration in sound quality – and I’m an audio engineer so I am sensitive to sound quality.